3 great tips to follow when buying a caravan

Nothing beats the fun of camping with friends and family. So if you intend to have a good time outdoors with the comfort of a modern living space, you should definitely get yourself a caravan. However, acquiring a good one is not that easy. Below are some great ways to help you get the best value for your money. Attend multiple caravan sales Normally, people just look at one or two caravan sales and leave it at that.

How To Tell If A Caliper Is The Culprit Of A Faulty Brake System

The brake system is made up of various parts including the brake caliper. Calipers are devices that push the brake pads against the rotor so that the wheels can slow down. You can easily spot the caliper housing around the wheel section because it appears like a disc attached to the rotor (the round metal that rotates to turn the wheel). When the calipers malfunction, they can bring the whole brake system down.

Car Rentals: 3 Things You Overlook that Could Save You Lots of Money

Getting a rental car can be the most convenient solution when going to a new place for a short while, since it gives you the convenience of dictating your own schedule and routes. However, many people still don't know how to go about the entire process, including valuable tips that could help them make significant savings off their car rentals, and so they end up making these costly mistakes. Buying insurance when you don't need to

Understanding What You See On Your Old Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are one of the important parts of your car's engine. They are used to initiate the combustion of the fuel in the engine to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy that enables your car to move. This means that spark plugs are exposed to lot of engine heat and they are bound to wear out with time. Since spark plugs wear out and require replacement, it is important for you to check their condition regularly so that you can replace them in good time.

The Difference between Genuine, OEM and Replacement Parts

4X4 car drivers are known to take pride in their vehicles, having opted for more power and often sacrificing speed or (depending on the make) aesthetic appeal. Getting 4X4 parts can be a headache though, especially without knowing the basic distinctions between genuine, OEM and replacement parts. Genuine Parts Car manufacturers supply these parts and in most cases they have the company logo and/or marking to show this. Land Rover, for instance, has parts with company brand marks.