How Does Car Manufacturer Involvement in Rallying Help Me with My Road Car?

A number of major manufacturers invest considerable sums of money each year in a world rallying program. From the outside, a casual observer would question the millions of dollars spent to pursue this pastime, but the manufacturer has very real reasons for this involvement. How does this benefit you when you buy a 'normal' car from one of these manufacturers? Involvement for a Reason The model of car that you drive today owes a lot to motor sporting heritage and technology.

Automotive 101 | Tips on What to Do With Your Old Car

Your road unworthy car is not completely useless since you can earn some few coins from it. Instead of letting the old car lie around in your compound, probably eating up the parking space of your estate and posing as a safety hazard, here are some few things you can do with it. Call in a wrecking yard One of the one of best things you can do is selling it to a wrecking yard.

Three Potential Risks of Towing Your Own Heavy Equipment

If you need to move a heavy piece of equipment, you may be able to tow it to its new location. However, there are some risks of towing, and to avoid those risks, you may want to turn to a heavy machinery transport company and let them move your equipment. Here are a few of the top reasons you don't want to tow your heavy machinery yourself. 1. Potential damage to your towing vehicle

Check These Five Things Before Taking Your 4WD Through the Desert

If you're planning to take your 4WD off-roading through a desert, you should schedule some maintenance before you start your journey. Wondering what you should get serviced? While a basic tune up can work, these are the things you should have the tech look at in particular: 1. Cooling System Your cooling system is going to go through a lot in the desert, and to ensure it's up to the task, have a 4WD expert look it over.

3 great tips to follow when buying a caravan

Nothing beats the fun of camping with friends and family. So if you intend to have a good time outdoors with the comfort of a modern living space, you should definitely get yourself a caravan. However, acquiring a good one is not that easy. Below are some great ways to help you get the best value for your money. Attend multiple caravan sales Normally, people just look at one or two caravan sales and leave it at that.